Business Continuity Plan Articles The Health Advantages Of Dark Versus. Milk Chocolate

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Chocolate might not be this type of guilty pleasure in the end. When you purchase chocolates — chocolate made using more than 60 % cacao — over milk chocolate or white-colored chocolate, it might provide numerous health advantages. Milk chocolate and chocolates eaten together with milk don’t supply the same benefits. This does not mean you need to eat limitless levels of chocolates, however — will still be full of calories, and may lead to putting on weight should you regularly eat an excessive amount of.


Cacao, which is often used to create both milk and chocolates, contains flavenoids known as flavan-3-ols, epicatechins and procyanidins, which behave as antioxidants in your body. The greater the power of cacao within the chocolate, the greater the quantity of flavenoids contained in the chocolate. Chocolates contains a tiny bit of sugar and vanilla together with cacao liquor, cacao butter and cacao powder, while milk chocolate contains these components together with milk and much more sugar.

Possible Health Advantages

Flavenoids might help to lower bloodstream pressure, decrease low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, lower bloodstream clot risk, improve cognitive performance and improve mood, based on the College of Michigan Health System. Fitness Magazine notes that flavenoids might also keep the bloodstream vessels flexible and free from plaque, minimizing your risk for several cancers, including cancer of the skin.


Although milk chocolate contains flavenoids, it does not supply the same benefits as chocolates. This isn’t just because of the’abnormal’ amounts of flavenoids found in milk chocolate, but to the interaction between your flavenoids and also the milk in milk chocolate.

The milk may bind using the flavenoids, which makes them unavailable. For the similar reason, you should not drink milk when eating chocolates if you wish to experience health advantages, notes a 2003 “USA Today” article.


Chocolates ought to be ingested in moderation. Even though the fat found in chocolate consists mostly of sorts that do not raise cholesterol, chocolates still contains lots of calories and fat. Limit chocolate consumption to at least one oz. each day, and select chocolate with a minimum of 60 % cacao content, stands out on the College of Michigan Health System.

The greater the percent of cacao solids, the greater advantageous compounds you’ll consume. Choose chocolates which contains cacao butter, not other kinds of fat for example hydrogenated oils.

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